Chapter History

Chapter History

The legacy of Pi Alpha Phi at the University of Arizona was founded by eight unique and distinct individuals. These eight men came together to form an organization that was greatly needed on the University of Arizona campus. After a long and intensive search for an organization that emphasized Brotherhood, Academic Excellence, Philanthropy, Leadership, and Asian American Awareness, these eight men discovered an organization that stood above the rest: Pi Alpha Phi.

On February 2001, the national council set forth the requirements necessary to create a new chapter of Pi Alpha Phi at the University of Arizona. To charter a new chapter at the University of Arizona was hindered by many obstacles. With perserverance and dedication, the eight strived to achieve their goal and their dream: to successfully create a new chapter of Pi Alpha Phi.

United as one, the eight charters traveled to each chapter of Pi Alpha Phi in the fall of 2002. Each chapter graciously took the time out to teach the charter class members the traditions and virtues of a brother of Pi Alpha Phi. They were taught trust in the strong bonds of brotherhood, courage in the face of adversity, discipline and endurance of strength and the ideals of respect and humility.

Under the guidance of Pledge Master Dwight Lin (UCSD) and Pledge Dad Robert Shopshear (UCSC) the eight friends were molded into brothers and men of Pi Alpha Phi. The names of these distinguished founding fathers are Cheng Chiv, Paterno Cruz, Samreth Heng, Dung Quoc Hoang, Juan Paulo Chan Ocubillo, Adley Peralta, Richard Tran, and Tan Minh Vu.

On Nobember 11, 2002 a new light in Pi Alpha Phi was lit as the eight were officially initiated and a new chapter of Pi Alpha Phi was established. Pi Alpha Phi is the first Asian-American interest fraternity to be established in Arizona.