About Us

About Our Fraternity

These are the Five Basic Pillars that we are built on

Academic Excellence

Pi Alpha Phi was ranked 4th among all Fraternities at the University of Arizona in 2017

Asian-American Awareness

In our organization, we build a sense of community and identity as we continue uphold the traditions of our Asian culture.


You can build strong social relationships that will last a lifetime. 


There are great Social Networking opportunities within our fraternity as there are diverse group of Majors and professions. Through us, we can help develop your skills to become a better leader.


We like to support and give back to the community in any way possible. 

Facts About Pi Alpha Phi









"To advance through brotherly ties; the thirst for learning."

Pi Alpha Phi - Kappa Chapter

The Kappa Chapter of Pi Alpha Phi at the University of Arizona has continued to grow and develop since its inception in 2002. The Fraternity has grown from its original 8 Founding Members to now 107 Brothers in its history.   It is currently one of the 17 fraternities in the United Sorority and Fraternity Council (USFC). It is also an organization within the Asian Pacific American Student Affairs (APASA). The Kappa Chapter proudly continues to carry on the traditions and preserve the legacy of Pi Alpha Phi to this day, whether it be through USFC or APASA.   The Kappa Chapter remains strong today as it did when the chapter was first established.